5 Must-Try Drinks When You Visit Thailand

If you want to experience a truly authentic Thai drink experience, you should try these five delicious beverages in Thailand. The first one is probably the most obvious, as beer goes perfectly with spicy Thai food. Carlsberg and Heineken are common options, but you can also find more locally produced, more affordable beers. A coconut can be an excellent alternative, though you will have to do some research to make sure it is actually made in openculture.

Another refreshing drink in Thailand is the Cha Yen, which literally effective workouts for cutting translates to “red bull.” This is a tea-based drink made from Ceylon tea and condensed or regular milk. You can order it with a sinker, syrup, or rock salt, depending on your taste. The variety of flavors and combinations can be almost overwhelming. To make the most of your time in Thailand, try a few new drinks.

If you love whisky, you must try Mekhong. It’s made from 95% sugar cane/molasses. It’s more like rum than whisky, and its 40% ABV will satisfy your thirst. SangSom is a local favorite, but you may want to try something a little less alcoholic. You can also try the traditional Thai wine, Angkor Wat, which is made with sour masu, or coconut citizennews.

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