5 Thai Cooking Classes in Phuket

If you have a limited time in Phuket, you should take a Thai cooking class. The courses in this island are very diverse and will allow you to get a feel for the cuisine. You can choose from over a dozen different types of dishes, including local delicacies like chicken and squid. Most of the Thai cooking classes in Phuket will involve a market visit where you can buy fresh ingredients and learn some cooking tips from local chefs. You can also choose from vegetarian and vegan options.

The Governor’s Mansion in Phuket offers a cooking class in English, but the classes are also available in Thai for children. Participants will learn about the Thai ingredients and how to properly use herbs, spices, and flavours. The classes typically last for one hour and include a booklet with all the recipes for the dishes they make. Each student gets their own working station, so they can pick a time that suits them the most.

Another popular cooking class is the one at Siray Beach. The chef will take you to the market, where you can purchase fresh ingredients. After the class, you can explore the nearby Siray Beach, a great place to catch a tan. In the class, you’ll learn how to make five traditional Thai dishes. With the help of the professional chef, you can recreate these at home. The specific dishes will depend on which day you attend, but the course includes a delicious four-course menu. The menu will consist of soup, fresh salad, stir-fry, curry sauce, and dessert. You’ll leave with a full appreciation for the culture and cuisine of Thailand.

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