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7 Best Indoor Plants You Can Grow in Thailand

Thais love their flowers, so you can easily find some beautiful varieties for indoors. The seven most popular indoor plants to grow in Thailand include roses, daisies, chrysanthemums, honeysuckle, marigolds, sunflowers, poinsettias, and ficus (also known as bamboo palm, lady palm, parlour palm, and rubber plant). Other beautiful indoor plants include sanseviera, the mother-in-law’s tongue, and spathiphyllum, or the day-lee.

The bat flower is another popular indoor plant. It is shaped like a bat in flight, and is also known as the devil flower. It is said to repel bad luck, but is one of the easiest indoor plants to care for. It is most often found growing in the jungles of Thailand, so it’s best to buy one during the rainy season. Then, water it a few times a week and watch it flourish.

The bat flower is an indoor plant that looks like a flying bat. Also called devil flower, it has long “whiskers” that help remove toxins from the air. It can thrive in a tropical climate, and it’s especially good in humid rooms. The best time to buy one is during the rainy season. In Thailand, this plant grows primarily in the jungles, and it will add a vibrant decorative effect.

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