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Interesting Facts About Chinese New Year Tradition in Thailand

The Chinese diaspora has made the traditional New Year in Thailand a popular cultural celebration. While the actual day of the holiday is not celebrated, the streets are decorated with red lanterns and people will visit the local shrines to worship their ancestors. However, because of the increasing cases of Covid-19, the event has been cancelled in 2018. Even if the festival is cancelled, many Thais will keep this ancient tradition and celebrate it with their families and friends.

There are many fun festivities to mark the Chinese New Year in Thailand, and many tourists will enjoy the festivities. Local restaurants prepare delicious treats to sell to holiday goers. Foods served at the streets include barbecued duck, rice noodles, salads, and Chinese sweets. If you’re traveling during the Chinese New Year, try some of the local delicacies. There’s also Khan, a traditional cake that originally was made for monks and Buddha. Click here to get most popular news.

For a Thai New Year celebration, the roads are closed to traffic and decorated with thousands of red lanterns. In some cities, people gather in small groups to celebrate the New Years. During the festivities, people wear new clothes and decorate the doors and streets with a lot of decorations. The traditional food, including Chinese treats, is delicious, and visitors can sample the local specialties. Among the popular Thai dishes, you’ll find baked duck, rice noodles, salads, and Chinese sweets. One of the best local treats is Khan, which is a traditional cake. It’s believed to ward off the evil spirits.

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