Learn How to Eat Like a Local Thai

If you want to experience a different kind of dining experience, you should learn how to eat like a local Thai. One of the best ways to get a taste of authentic Thai cuisine is to eat in a restaurant where everyone shares the same food. This is called “family style,” and means that the food is served to the table in a communal way. If you’re on your own, however, it’s perfectly acceptable to order one large meal and share it with a group. Sharing the dishes is also a great way to experience different courses.

In Thailand, the highest ranking person sits in the center of the table, while honorable guests sit opposite the host, so that they can talk more easily. Before you sit down to eat, you should wait for everyone to finish sitting down. In Thailand, you should avoid showing your feet until you’ve been seated, and you should also avoid using your right hand for eating. Moreover, you should never use your left hand to eat sticky rice.

If you’re dining in a restaurant 52av in Thailand, you should also learn how to eat like a local. In Thailand, the highest ranking person sits in the middle of the table, while guests who have been honored are seated opposite the host. The opposite position allows you to talk more freely with your guests. In addition, it’s also customary for you to wait until all guests have been seated before stepping up to the table to eat. You should also avoid exposing your feet when sitting on a bamboo mat.

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