Picks wise NFL Week Betting Guide

Week 17 of the NFL is a busy one. The schedule has 16 games, including a matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins in the NFC East. You can use the Picks wise NFL Week 17 betting guide to decide who to bet on in this game. There are many factors to consider in football betting, including the differences between the two teams, as well as the best ways to bet on parlays.

Picks wise NFL Week 17 betting guide

If you’re planning to make a wager on NFL Week 17, you’ll definitely want to look at the Picks wise NFL Week 17 betting guide. You can find expert analysis in their Picks wise NFL show with Jeff Reine bold and Rachael Van Oranje. The Picks wise show breaks down the biggest games of the final week of the NFL season, including the Parlay of the Week.

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The computer model also gives projections for each of the four main NFL betting markets, including the spread, total, and money line. It also gives you odds on prop bets, such as first-to-touchdown scorer, as well as individual player projections for passing, rushing, and receiving yards. If you are a fan of betting on NFL games, you can make a profit with Picks Wise’s NFL Week 17 betting guide.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington Redskins NFC East showdown

The Philadelphia Eagles are 6 points favorites over the Washington Redskins in the NFC East showdown this Sunday. There is an over/under of 45 points on the total points scored line. The Redskins rank 18th in total defense, allowing 361.2 yards per game. On the other side of the field, the Eagles rank eighth, allowing 380.1 yards per game. Both teams are looking for their second straight win.

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The Philadelphia Eagles have won their last three games. The Washington Football Team has won five out of 15 this year. Philadelphia has topped the over/under in 60% of its chances this year. In 2021, the over/under for games between these teams is 46.2 points. Washington is 3-4 ATS, but 4-3 ATS when picking up over 320 yards. They are ranked fifth in turnover differential.

Differences between teams in football betting

The main difference between college and NFL football is that there are no major discrepancies in a team’s aptitude. While a college football game between rivals in the same conference will have the same OVER/UNDER numbers, NFL games will not have the same disparity. You must handicap the travel and AFC record of the Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens, as well as the respective records of the two conferences. If you are betting on an NFL game, it’s important to handicap both teams’ respective records.

Beating parlays

Beating parlays in แทงบอล betting can be a tricky proposition, but it is possible. Parlay bets combine several predictions into a single wager, meaning that all bets must win for the parlay to pay out. Of course, it is not easy to win a parlay when three or more predictions are involved, but the potential payoffs are spectacular. Below are some tips to help you beat parlays.


First, understand the basic rules of football betting. Parlays are extremely popular during the football season, when bettors string together several bets, often with a parlay. The reason they are so appealing is that parlays are usually less complex to analyze than other sports. Parlays are often referred to as “treasure chests” at sportsbooks, and they play into the get-rich-quick mindset of many bettors. While sportsbooks aren’t openly discussing their stock of losing tickets, they are more than willing to discuss their winners.

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