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The Best Southern Thai Cuisine You Must Try

The most authentic southern Thai cuisine can be found in the south. Known as nam prik, this paste is composed of fermented shrimp and garlic and is served with fresh vegetables. The spicy sauce is a must-try! The following are some of the best Southern Thailand dishes. They are sure to make your taste buds sing! Let’s dive right in! Soak the noodles in a cup of nam prik and then try it!

Sataw is a distinctly Southern Thai dish that literally means stink bean. It’s very nutritious and is delicious when cooked. Often combined with meat, sataw is an excellent side dish at any southern restaurant. The smell will quickly vanish and your taste buds will thank you for it! Another popular southern Thai dish is gaeng sataw, which consists of fragrant rice mixed with shredded shrimp and a shrimp paste.

The best Southern Thai cuisine you must try includes dishes like gaeng sataw, a spicy fish soup. This dish is made with sataw beans, which rival durian in smell. The beans are fried along with shrimp paste and meat. While a spicy dish, gaeng sataw is also a healthy choice, as it contains no added salt or sugar.

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