The Difference Between Northern Thailand and Southern Thailand

Generally speaking, the cuisines of Northern Thailand and Southern are quite different from each other. The dishes of Northern Thai are more spicy and use exotic spices. Khao Soi, a dish made from wheat noodles, is a popular choice in the south. In the north, fatty pork belly is stir-fried with a spicy chili paste and fish sauce, while Larb is a savory dish with minced meat. Though the two cuisines share a common influence, there are distinct differences between these two regions.

The climate and scenery in Northern Thailand are quite different, and the food preparation differs from Southern Thailand. The Southern Thai cuisine uses more spices, while the Northern Thai cuisine is more flavorful. The ingredients in both regions are very fresh and unique. The main difference between the two types of Thai food is the use of Jasmine rice and sticky rice. In the south, the use of sweeter, richer ingredients is common cosmotube

The differences in cooking style also differ in the ingredients. Despite the similarity in terms of flavors, Northern Thai cuisine features more coconuts, while Southern Thai cuisine focuses more on spices. The ingredients used in the two regions produce a more balanced blend of five tastes. These variations in cooking styles make it easier to create more complex dishes that satisfy your palate. In addition to the differences in ingredients, you can try both varieties of Thai cuisineb


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