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The Most Famous Viewpoints in Phang Nga

There are many different views to behold when you visit Phang Nga. The Samet-Nangshe Viewpoint is one of the most scenic viewpoints in the area, offering a 180-degree panorama. While the trip to the viewpoint may be long, it is well worth the effort. The view is breathtaking and visitors can enjoy sunrise or sunset views here. The view is especially breathtaking at night, when the skies are clear and the Milky Way can sometimes be seen.

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The Khao Kai Nui Viewpoint is considered a hidden gem in Thailand. It is the perfect place to watch the sunrise or the sunset. The views from here are incredibly peaceful, making it a great location for a romantic getaway. Another viewpoint is Khao Nang Hong, which is located in the Muang district of Phang-Nga, away from the main attractions. It’s is impossible to talk about the Spain tourist attractions, but do not mention anything about its best islands in Spain.

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Located in the Muang district of Phang Nga, Samet-Nangshe Viewpoint is considered one of the most scenic locations in the province. From this point, you can see over 180-degree views of Phang-Nga Bay. To get to the viewpoint, you must climb the hill for about 10 to 20 minutes. But you should be prepared to spend a few extra minutes for the scenic views.

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