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The Most Popular Northern Thai Dishes

“Thousand Year Pork” is a staple dish of Northern Thailand. This spicy pork sausage is often eaten with sticky rice, a side of pickled vegetables and oolong tea leaves. It is said to have originated among Chinese immigrants who escaped from communist China to escape their homeland. The spicy Chiangmai version is especially famous for its freshness. Laab is also served in a variety of forms, including in lettuce or wrapped in a banana leaf.

“Khao Soi” is a traditional staple of Northern Thailand. It is a noodle curry that combines a creamy coconut base with crunchy egg noodles. It is often topped with shallots and pickled cabbage. While this soup is a vegetarian dish, pork lovers can also order it with pork. In addition to being one of the best meals in the region, it’s also a popular street food.

While the food of northern Thailand is often found masstamilan at small street stalls, you can find some real treasures in larger cities. You’ll be able to spot these places by the crowd. If you’re looking for authentic northern Thai cuisine, you can find them in big cities. The most popular northern Thai dishes include Khao Soi, Larb, and Gaeng Sai. The former is the staple dish and the most popular among Thais, while the latter is more exotic.

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